Controls at the Top of the Lessons Store ScreenStore Controls

Note: The actions of the drop down boxes are combined. For instance, if third grade lessons in Afrikaans were wanted, drop down the Grade box and click 3 and then the Language box and select Afrikaans. Only lessons meeting both criteria will be shown.

1. Lessons can be sorted by grade.

2. The type of exercise can be selected such as Graphic Reading, Comprehension, Spelling, Reading Test and Second Language.

3. The subjects assigned by the writers of the lesson is listed such as Literacy, Science, History, Biology etc.

4. This would be a subset of the Subject. For instance the subject of Biology might have choices of Fish, Reptiles, Mammals etc.

5. The Language such as English, Afrikaans, Xhosa can be selected here.

6. Clicking this button will sort the listing according to the latest upload. This is useful to see what is new.

7. Lesson titles will be searched for the word(s) entered here. This is a global search and is not affected by the settings of the drop down boxes.

8. Click the Search button to start the keyword search. Click Clear to return to the other controls.

9. After exercises are selected from the exercise listing by clicking the box in the Add to Cart column, the next step is to click this button to review the exercises chosen and to begin the download..


Controls at the Bottom of the Lessons Store Screen
Control Bottom

10. The column listing the grade for the lesson

11. The step within the grade for the lesson. A step is used to indicate the approximate sequence within the grade.

12. The column for the exercise name.

13. The number of pages available within the current listing.

14. Clicking "Next" will increment the listing to the next page.

15. Add to Cart is the column where checking the box will add the lesson to the shopping cart.

16. The box to be checked to add the lesson to the shopping cart.

Note: clicking a lesson name will bring up the details of the lesson in the area to the right.

17. An image and text from the Graphic Reading module of the lesson.

18. An example of the Comprehension module questions and answers.

19. The words in the Spelling module

20. The questions and answser in the Reading Test module.

21. The area where comments can be put by the lesson writer regarding the purpose of the lesson and any other useful information for the user.