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00Introduction to TE Lessons Website
14062School Holidays - The big cricket match
21003The Lion and the Mouse
21100Days of the week
26221Stokperdjies - Swem, Karate en Tennis
31060Jan van Riebeek The Cape
33020Just Nuisance - A story of a dog
040Pinnochio and Geppetto
045Pinnochio and Geppetto German
0100Concrete, Mortar and Plaster
01001Assessment Pattern 1
01002Assessment Pattern 2
01003Assessment Pattern 3
01004Assessment Pattern 4
01005Assessment Pattern 1 AF
01006Assessment Pattern 2 AF
01007Assessment Pattern 3 AF
01008Assessment Pattern 4 AF

Introduction to TE Lessons Website

Welcome to the Teaching-Engine lessons Website. This is where you can browse through the available lessons and choose the ones you want for downloading. In this box, the lesson's text from the first page will be seen. Here you can see what the lesson is about and the literacy level. The lessons listed on the left are a small sample of the kinds of lessons available. Note the Grades are indicated on the very left. The Step is used to find a particular lesson within a grade and are also used to approximate what term the lesson should be u...

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